Does Energy Typing Work?

I’m a big fan of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and as an Energy Practitioner myself, I would often get asked about Carol Tuttle.

I wasn’t quite sure who she was or what she was about- but her name came up regularly, so I thought I’d watch a few of her videos.

When I looked at the “before and after” photos, I was really disappointed at the fashion advice. But when I actually heard the people talking and how they acted, I realized what they were wearing MATCHED who they really were.

Let’s take a step back: when I really dug into what she was doing, she’s someone who takes eastern thought and makes it easy for white Americans (especially in Utah) to understand. At first, I was a snob about how she presented it and thought it could be presented better. But when I actually watched her “discover your type” videos and purchased her course for my type, I realized I can fully get behind what her mission is.

Carol gives people permission to be themselves and heal past shaming for being themselves. She happens to use fashion to do this, and I find it pretty fun.

I was appalled at the suggestions for my type: but gave it a try anyway. I dyed my hair red (instead of the cool tones I’m used to) and wore teal, rich brown, and leopard print accents. To my surprise, walking down the street in the fashionable Abbot Kinney area of Venice Beach, CA (where everyone wears grey, I might add) people were stopping what they were doing to tell me I looked beautiful. The hostess at The Tasting Kitchen gave a sincere, “You look wonderful today” out of nowhere. People talked to me from their cars to tell me I looked good. People stopped me on the street to tell me I looked amazing in wowed tones.

It was dramatic! I may have felt the colors, patterns, etc. looked garrish- but because of my firey energy- it strangely framed who I am. Another way of saying it- the clothing drew attention to my face and personality, instead of the clothing drawing attention to itself. No one said “Your CLOTHES look great.” People only said,”YOU look great.” Which is the point of clothes and make up, right? To bring out the best in who I really am, and not just get a “Nice purse!” comment here and there.

Check her out here if it sounds fun:)

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