Recommended Books

Read my husband’s comedy mystery book.

Prioritized Reading List for most clients:

Energetic Boundaries by Cyndi Dale was a real game changer for me. I went from tired to energized and strengthened my skills.

Practical Intuition by Laura Day was my first book with intuitive exercises. Practice all her exercises. It’s fun.

Heal Your Body by Louise Hay. An essential for a healer’s library. Louise Hay is a leader in body mind connection. I also like You Can Heal Your Life

Another favorite of mine is The Artist Way. This helped loosen up a lot of my creativity. I’m always buying copies and giving them to friends.

And the book that got me started on holistic health, energy systems, and even refined my feminist views: Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom

I love that there’s finally a book about male and female differences written by a brain scientist, and not just anecdotal evidence. This is a quick read, but maybe I just couldn’t put it down. The Female Brain. I also love her follow up book The Male Brain.

Emotional Blackmail Not a “How to” guide, but a “how not to” rest assured. Especially good for empaths: people who suck the life out of you might try to attach to you, and this is how not to get sucked in. OR if you’re stuck in a relationship (such as a family member) this book helps you train them out of it.

Another good book along those same lines is Stop Walking on Eggshells . It is excellent in teaching you how to train people to treat you better, especially if a person has borderline personality disorder traits, meaning: using fear, obligation, and guilt to get his or her way.

One of my new favorites. It’s like Heal Your Body times a thousand as far as must-have reference books. It’s worth having the hard copy, and you’re not going to want to loan in out. Healing Questions

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