Reiki Certification

What makes my Reiki Certification different is it includes aura strengthening to not get knocked over by other people’s energy as well as supervised practice. I also charge a fraction of the price: making it available to more people to work on their own children, family members, and friends as soon as possible.

Also, many people who are attracted to healing arts are empathic. Empathic merely means that you feel other people’s feelings. Some people don’t even notice they’re doing it. You don’t HAVE to be drained as an empath. Reiki should never make you TIRED. The day of the first attunement, you should rest: but after that, you should be able to work client after client being full of energy.

Most Reiki attunements cost $1200 – $2,000 for the three hours it takes, and then you’re on your own to practice. I don’t want to do this to you!

I want to give you time to practice, and for me to be there to support you, and for you to ask questions.

So this is what the two days would look like:

Fri: 8am -1pm Attunement. Go home and rest (please clear your schedule so you can rest)
Sat: 7am-7pm Six classes at The Happy Empath Workshop. You will perform Reiki on guests.

I am also available for private attunement and certification by appointment. Please use my contact page.

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