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Ab Repair Yoga

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Postnatal Ab Repair Starting June 18th, 2016

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Happy Empath Workshop APRIL TOUR 2016

Want to develop your gifts in a safe¬†environment? I will be doing one last tour of my Workshop before I start prepping for my next child- and before my little tiny starts crawling. Happy Empath Workshop will be coming to your area ONE LAST TIME. Las Vegas- April 8th and 9th. Utah- April 15th and 16th. And Arizona April 29th and 30th. We’ll play games, unwrap your gifts, practice new skills. A real WORKshop that will feel like playing. It will illuminate the skills that are already inherent in YOU.


The Reiki Training You’ve Been Waiting For



Announcing New Workshop in Los Angeles

Strengthening Intuition Workshop

Announcing a Los Angeles workshop where we’ll be playing games to strengthen our intuition.

Rather than a two day intensive, just get straight to business with everyone’s favorite class.

Reserve your space by paying here and writing “LA June Afternoon” in the “for” section.

June 6th, 1pm to 3:30pm, my place:)

Trying to Conceive? A Comprehensive List of Everything I Did

…besides the obvious…

1. The Better Baby Book by Lana Asprey. I also followed her Bullet Proof husband, Dave Asprey’s diet. Sean and I joke about making a Bulletproof Baby.

I made an exact list of EVERYTHING she suggested, and checked them off as I went along. I got pregnant within a month, so I didn’t finish the list:)

2. CVS Sperm Count Over the Counter Test. Both sides of my family have a significant amount of illegitimate children, and I wasn’t particularly concerned about my fertility. I myself, am a result of a one night fling. Both sides of my family are baby making machines. So my husband took an at home test, and saw his count was really low. I would have done more invasive testing on myself if we had different results.

My husband is quite the go getter, so he bought an anti-radiation phone cover. It has a gold plate in it. It both reduces frying your little swimmers AND increases your phone reception. Win-win.

He also purchased a computer stand so he’d never place the laptop on his lap. As a novel writer, his laptop was practically welded to his lap. Once I was pregnant- he bought me one as well. He wanted it to be a Mother’s Day gift, but who wants useful stuff for Mother’s Day? So it was a “Thursday” present.

We also googled fertility boosting herbs. We bought everything, and took them (for both of us.)

He also uses his Heart Math EM Wave product to lower his stress level. Stress, particularly cortisol, wreaks havoc on fertility.

3. Period Tracker App. After trying to get pregnant for almost a full year, I was quite discouraged. My doctor lady friend suggested the phone app. The very first month of having the app, I became pregnant. I had more confidence to wake up Sean at four in the morning to demand we get to business, having a full day of work out of state. We got in on, I hopped on a plane, and was unknowingly pregnant.

4. Massage and Reiki by Jennifer Morgan. She has been hired as a Reiki Practitioner to women getting in vitro, with much success. I happened to have scheduled a massage the day of conception- and I can’t deny that being relaxed and sent good energy could help set a good environment for conception to occur.

5. Raspberry Leaf Tea, suggested by Lacey Keller Smith. Sean and I had been drinking it for six months.

6. I asked my buddies to pray for me. I’m in a Facebook group of people who pray for each other. After trying for SO LONG to get pregnant, I finally asked to be prayed for to get pregnant. I was pregnant that month.

As you might notice, I can’t attribute my pregnancy to ONE right thing, but many right things. I think diet, prayer, energy work, massage, and technology were all important aspects to the conception.

Unnecessary but fun details: Sean, my daughter, and I had bought plane tickets for a six week trip to England. As the plane descended, I felt nausea. I fly almost every other weekend, and haven’t really ever been nauseous before, or any other signs of motion sickness. It didn’t even cross my mind that I might be pregnant.

Once we had landed, a couple days of missing my period really didn’t clue me into that I might be pregnant. I had taken too many tests, and as all women know in my situation, taking tests becomes really painful emotionally. Getting a “no” starts to sting, until you become numb to the fact you might be pregnant.

Sean took me to a drug store to stealthily buy a pregnancy test without anyone seeing. Having relatives being disappointed doesn’t help one to feel good. As I stood up from the car seat, I almost passed out, and Sean caught me.

After buying the British pregnancy test, I was afraid to use it. I left it in a drawer for a while.

Waking up on Christmas Eve, I finally peed on it. It INSTANTLY made a plus sign. It didn’t take three minutes: as though I were EXTRA pregnant.

We told my mother in law that night. She was very excited, but we weren’t ready to tell everyone yet. My 13 year old daughter, who was supposed to be sleeping, opened her door and exclaimed, “You’re pregnant?” The three of us had a laugh at the sitcom-like timing.

So I spent the majority of my first trimester in a foreign country, in the cold winter, in bed. Sure, England doesn’t sound that foreign, but I couldn’t get any Kosher dills. They have different pickles than I’m used to. And all my American comfort foods (I’d never usually eat, but suddenly craved) weren’t available.

Now I’m about 6 months pregnant with a healthy baby girl. She measures perfectly, and has passed all the genetic tests with flying colors. I can’t wait to meet my baby girl.

Does Energy Typing Work?

I’m a big fan of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and as an Energy Practitioner myself, I would often get asked about Carol Tuttle.

I wasn’t quite sure who she was or what she was about- but her name came up regularly, so I thought I’d watch a few of her videos.

When I looked at the “before and after” photos, I was really disappointed at the fashion advice. But when I actually heard the people talking and how they acted, I realized what they were wearing MATCHED who they really were.

Let’s take a step back: when I really dug into what she was doing, she’s someone who takes eastern thought and makes it easy for white Americans (especially in Utah) to understand. At first, I was a snob about how she presented it and thought it could be presented better. But when I actually watched her “discover your type” videos and purchased her course for my type, I realized I can fully get behind what her mission is.

Carol gives people permission to be themselves and heal past shaming for being themselves. She happens to use fashion to do this, and I find it pretty fun.

I was appalled at the suggestions for my type: but gave it a try anyway. I dyed my hair red (instead of the cool tones I’m used to) and wore teal, rich brown, and leopard print accents. To my surprise, walking down the street in the fashionable Abbot Kinney area of Venice Beach, CA (where everyone wears grey, I might add) people were stopping what they were doing to tell me I looked beautiful. The hostess at The Tasting Kitchen gave a sincere, “You look wonderful today” out of nowhere. People talked to me from their cars to tell me I looked good. People stopped me on the street to tell me I looked amazing in wowed tones.

It was dramatic! I may have felt the colors, patterns, etc. looked garrish- but because of my firey energy- it strangely framed who I am. Another way of saying it- the clothing drew attention to my face and personality, instead of the clothing drawing attention to itself. No one said “Your CLOTHES look great.” People only said,”YOU look great.” Which is the point of clothes and make up, right? To bring out the best in who I really am, and not just get a “Nice purse!” comment here and there.

Check her out here if it sounds fun:)

Eagle Mountain was a Smashing Success: Four Workshops Announced

Eagle Mountain was another wonderful workshop, and because of it’s success, we will be announcing another Utah workshop in March: details to come.

We are officially announcing three locations in California for February:

February 6th and 7th confirmed for Sherman Oaks, CA

February 20th and 21st Temecula, CA


February 27th and 28th Fountain Valley, Orange County, CA.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions or if you’re interested in training with me.

Formerly, the workshop was called “The Happy Empath Workshop” and we’re excited to announce our new name “Lightning Lotus Intensive Weekend” as a more fitting title. We will have all the same content of turning a sad empath into a happy one, but are adding more exercises and experiences with lightning speed, accuracy, and a jumpstart to your journey of intuition strengthening.

Eagle Mountain, UT Happy Empath Workshop December 2014

What a wonderful time we had this weekend at the workshop.

Here’s the video Burke wants to share: