Orchid Cameron

Film Director

Yoga Practitioner and Teacher

Health Accountability Facilitator

A film director, she’s made seven shorts and been an official selection in film festivals. With a degree in theatre, she’s also taught acting, film directing, and screenwriting.

A yogi of over 22 years and 200 Yoga Alliance certified instructor. Both a practitioner and teacher of Reiki, she has the ability to make intuition accessible for any age, any time, and any ability.

Overcoming a childhood lacking in health set her on a journey to study the human body’s self healing ability through healing foods, exercise, subtle energy healing, and setting strong boundaries emotionally, physically, and energetically.

She is the owner of Reconnection Ab Lab, an online and live course to repair abs and pelvic floor postnatally, being a mother of a sixteen year old and two year old herself.

Her mission is to end pain in as many people as possible and light the fire in others to maximize their fun and pleasure.