Happy Empath Workshop in Lindon, UT


Here’s me in triangle pose on the beautiful porch of a friend’s home at 7am yoga. I missed my L.A. people, but found my new students to be equally lovely.


So many warriors on this wonderful September morning! It’s a great way to start your day ready to learn.


Down dog!

Holbrook, AZ Happy Empath Workshop

Holbrook, AZ2045

I went to the lovely and iconic Holbrook, Arizona, to teach a Happy Empath Workshop. I taught a lovely group of ladies. I feel I made life long friends, as well as new Reiki students I’m proud of. Yay!


It’s like I’m in the movie “Cars” or Carsland in Disneyland. I’m truly from southern California if I compare everything to the mini version at Disneyland.

I’d love photos from the weekend, if anyone from Holbrook would like to send me some. See you soon, I’m sure!